Erin Elizabeth 新生儿创意摄影集

Erin Elizabeth 新生儿创意摄影集,来自澳大利亚的摄影师艾琳伊丽莎白拍摄了一系列有关于新生儿的摄影作品,自2008年开始,她就致力于新生儿的拍摄工作,最理想的新生儿拍摄时间是第14天左右,下面是拍摄作品。

Erin Elizabeth 新生儿创意摄影集

Photographer Erin Elizabeth has a knack for taking adorable photos of newborns. In fact, the award-winning photographer is also one of Australia's most recognized for newborn photography. Since 2008, she's been capturing babies from a few days old to a few weeks old in her studio using only 100% natural light. Her photos could rival those of another Australia photographer Anne Geddes, but they have a more timeless feel to them. This Perth, Australia-based photographer likes to swaddle her subjects in cloth or place them on a warm wooly blanket.

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The ideal time to capture newborns is during the first 14 days of their lives (between 5 to 10-days-old), Elizabeth states on her website. After they pass the 14-day mark, the newborns become less sleepy and much harder to pose.

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As the proud mother of two little girls she understands that youth is fleeting. "I’m constantly amazed at how quickly they grow and change," she states, "and forever thankful that I continue to take the time to capture as many of their baby and toddler moments as possible. That’s what I love most about photography. It allows us to steal away little snippets of time that might not seem like anything out of the ordinary when the camera shutter clicks, but will ultimately be the moments that we most treasure after they are long gone."

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