Sam Breach 冰岛"海妖之歌"摄影艺术集,山姆是旧金山的一位摄影师,一直致力于数字化的电影艺术视觉特效工作,这组“海妖之歌”作品就是他的代表作之一,拍摄场景在冰岛。

Sam Breach 冰岛"海妖之歌"摄影集

Having worked as a digital artist for George Lucas' Academy Award-winning motion picture visual effects company,Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco Bay Area-based Sam Breach was happy seeing her name on the big screen for such movies as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, but knew in her heart that she wanted something more.

Sam Breach 冰岛"海妖之歌"摄影集2

She found it much more thrilling to be involved in a creative process from start to finish, so she stepped into the world of photography. When she learned about Miss Aniela's photography workshop in Iceland, she was determined to be one of the sixteen photographers to experience it. We were lucky enough to go one-on-one with the photographer to learn more.

Sam Breach 冰岛"海妖之歌"摄影集3

Sam Breach 冰岛"海妖之歌"摄影集4

Sam Breach 冰岛"海妖之歌"摄影集5