Marcin Kesek 塔特拉山的励志摄影

Marcin Kesek 塔特拉山的励志摄影集,Marcin Kesek是波兰的一位27岁的摄影师,从小就住在塔特拉山附近,这是个非常美丽的地方,几年前Marcin Kesek觉得用手机的相机拍摄一些有关于塔特拉山的照片,于是就有了下面这组作品。

Marcin Kesek 塔特拉山的励志摄影

My name is Marcin Kesek and I am a 27-year-old photographer from a little village in southern Poland called Gronkow. I live in a very beautiful place near the Tatra Mountains, Pieniny and Gorce. A few years ago, I decided to capture these amazing surroundings at the right time and the best possible lighting.

Marcin Kesek 塔特拉山的励志摄影2

This was how my passion for landscape photography was born.In my photography, the most important thing is the lighting which determines how the scenery will look like in photos. Usually, I get to the place that I’m planning to photograph at least one hour earlier before the sunrise. Watching the changing sky, I start creating compositions that I’d like to depict.

Marcin Kesek 塔特拉山的励志摄影3

If I decide to capture sunset, I normally stay a few minutes after that because the sky has more intensive colors then.I often have to come back to the same place for several times because it’s quite difficult to take the perfect photo in the best conditions (light, gentle fog, interesting sky, clarity, plasticity of scenery). But when everything gets flawless, I know that my hard work pays off. The biggest joy of landscape photography for me is being close to nature. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

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