Caras Ionut 激情无处不在摄影集

Caras Ionut 激情无处不在的摄影作品集,来自罗马尼亚的卡拉什约努茨是一位拥有激情之心的摄影师,他展示了自己这10年来拍摄的作品,每一幅作品都捕捉了一副绝佳的时刻,并且把所有的图片都使用了大量的Photoshop特效,给你用户绝佳的视觉体验。

Caras Ionut 激情无处不在摄影集

My name is Caras Ionut and I’m a family man from Romania – I’m 36 years old, married and I have a little angel, named Ioana who’s almost 3,5 years old. I love my life, my family and I also love traveling. I try to make funny things wherever I go, for example, I dance, sometimes scream on the street – I don’t have any problems expressing myself in public space.I discovered my passion for photography and digital art around 10 years ago.

Caras Ionut 懒惰的蜥蜴

Photography allows you to see what other people can’t, to capture unique moments and save special emotions for life. I get inspirations from many different sources: the internet, movies, animation and anything that’s crazy or fantastic.I use a lot of Photoshop in my work. I love taking pictures and then editing them to create other concepts – unreal, beautiful, magical…

Caras Ionut 手风琴的回声

Caras Ionut 放羊的牧人

Caras Ionut 山涧里的鹿

Caras Ionut 穿透门的阳光

Caras Ionut 自由不是梦

Caras Ionut 海边的风车