Amos Chapple 俄罗斯零下五十度摄影集

Amos Chapple 俄罗斯零下五十度摄影集,正所谓一山还有一山高,没有最冷,只有更冷,如果我们在将近十度的低温下就开始喊冷,那么在世界上最冷的地方,如何生活呢?来自纽西兰的摄影师通过他手里的相机来告诉我们。

Amos Chapple 俄罗斯零下五十度摄影集

Amos Chapple 花了两天的时间,从全世界最冷的城市雅库茨克(Yakutsk)来到世界上最冷的村庄奥伊米亚康(Oymyakon),通过镜头记录极地地区人们的日常生活。

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Whatever the weather is where you are, it could always be worse. Oymyakon worse. This is the coldest village on Earth, with the lowest temperature of -67.7C recorded in 1933. But fear not-the average is a little warmer during January, at -50C. New Zealand-based photographer Amos Chapple took a two-day journey from the coldest city on Earth, Yakutsk, to Oymyakon in Russia, to see just what everyday life was like.

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Chapple said of his first impression of the village: ‘I was wearing thin trousers when I first stepped outside into – 47 °C (-52°F). I remember feeling like the cold was physically gripping my legs, the other surprise was that occasionally my saliva would freeze into needles that would prick my lips’.

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