Andy Lee 孤独的在路上摄影集

Andy Lee 孤独的在路上摄影集,Andy Lee是一位来自威尔士的摄影师,他拥有多个职称创意总监、电影制片人、摄影师、画家;他去过很多地方喜欢拍摄在路上的图片,当他把这些图片汇集在一起的时候,于是就有了这组摄影作品,沿用一句名言就是:“我无处可去,但无处不在”。

Andy Lee 孤独的在路上摄影集

Throughout his travels, Andy Lee has taken a lot of pictures of beautiful and forlorn roads around the world. Now, this creative director, filmmaker, painter, doodler and photographer (and we can probably also add “renaissance man” to the list) has collected these photos in an amazing series called “Roads” that will fill you with wanderlust.

Andy Lee 孤独的在路上摄影集2

He opens the photo gallery with a perfectly fitting quote from Jack Kerouac: “There was nowhere to go but everywhere.” The roads he’s shot over the years are eerily desolate and still.

Andy Lee 孤独的在路上摄影集3

One of this accomplished photographer’s series that he drew on was Blue Iceland, which we wrote about previously. Be sure to check out the rest of this prolific artist’s work as well, because he’s got a lot to show the world!

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Andy Lee 孤独的在路上摄影集5

Andy Lee 孤独的在路上摄影集6

"There was nowhere to go but everywhere."

Andy Lee 孤独的在路上摄影集7

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