Crichte Rchri 德国废旧建筑物探秘摄影集

Crichte Rchri 德国废旧建筑物探秘摄影集,是一位资深的老摄影师,他来自德国,自从德国统一后留有很多废旧的古老建筑,多来年他走访了多个废旧的建筑物并拍摄了很多有关于这方面的图片,因其只喜欢拍摄古老的废旧建筑物,用以记录历史遗留下来的证据,长期的拍摄让他拥有大量的历史图片

Crichte Rchri 德国废旧建筑物探秘摄影集

I grew up in the old GDR (German Democratic Republic). After the reunification of Germany, there were a lot of old buildings left behind that I used to explore without a camera. Years later, a friend gave me a gift an old small digicam because he bought himself a new one.At this time, I fell in love with photographing old buildings.

Crichte Rchri 德国废旧建筑物探秘摄影集2

After I made some fails, I bought a tripod and started exploring new level of photography in October, 2011. I mostly photograph empty buildings with great staircases inside. I simply adore old decaying architecture, their patterns and textures – they remind me that everything is impermanent. Staircase photography is my ongoing project and now I travel around Europe looking for abandoned staircases.

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