Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集,Navid Baraty 是纽约的一位摄影师,他拍摄了一组有关于纽约城市交通的摄影作品,不过不是普通的视角,而是在高空中拍摄了,也可以说是摄影中的“上帝模式”,在这里你可以欣赏到出租车、行人在有条不絮的行进中。

Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集

Our friend, New York-based photographer Navid Baraty, just sent word about an exciting series he's been working on. If you don't mind photography that gets you a little queasy, you'll enjoy this. Taken from high above, Baraty gives us incredible views of New York City - its historic buildings, its legion of taxis and and its very busy people.

Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集2

"Watching a city from above can reveal so much about its character," he tells us. "I think that the pace of New York City is best seen from high above: the constant flow of taxis, the merging of traffic, the waves of pedestrians crossing at the change of traffic lights, and the sounds of honking horns and sirens."

Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集3

Just how did Baraty take these shots? By "leaning over the edge of buildings," he says, and "by extending my arms out if necessary."

Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集4

Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集5

Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集6

Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集7

Navid Baraty 纽约繁忙的都市交通摄影集8