Elena del Palacio 女性诗意自然摄影作品集

Elena del Palacio 女性诗意自然摄影作品集,来自于马德里的摄影师 Elena del Palacio 通过自然+意境+人物的组合模式拍摄了一组描述女性与自然之间的浩瀚之美,世界是一个宁静而安详的地方,你需要做的就是去享受自然带来的空灵之境。

Elena del Palacio 女性诗意自然摄影作品集

Madrid-based photographer Elena del Palacio crafts images that conjure ethereal, dream-like scenarios in the wilderness. The vivid pictures feature young women who are often surrounded by the vast beauty of nature. They’re shown contemplating the world around them as well as being at rest. Babbling brooks, grassy fields, and gigantic tree roots become their bed in these peaceful tales.

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Del Palacio’s photos poetically illustrate a relationship to the natural world. The quiet scenes depict the women at one with the environment rather than trying to rule it. Instead, they treat the landscape and its inhabitants with a mutual admiration. This beautiful union is a welcome reminder that the world is a exquisite place - all you have to do is take the time to enjoy it.

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