Anita Anti 童话故事里的女性肖像摄影


Anita Anti 童话故事里的女性肖像摄影

New York-based Ukrainian photographer Anita Anti uses elaborate costumes, makeup, and props to capture imaginative portraits inspired by fairytales and fantasy. Beautiful young women are transformed into magical beings and otherworldly characters in these enchanting images, thanks to Anti's creative eye and attention to detail.

Anita Anti 童话故事里的女性肖像摄影2

It's easy to pinpoint specific fairytale inspirations for some of the portraits, like the romantic image of Rapunzel gazing out the window of a tower, or the stunning new interpretation of Maleficent. Other photos, however, are not linked to particular narratives, allowing the viewer to imagine the fantastical stories behind witches, fallen angels, and rose women instead.

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