Matt Emmett 东欧废弃的文化遗产建筑

Matt Emmett 东欧废弃的文化遗产建筑,摄影师马特·艾米特过去三年里一直游走在欧洲北部的废弃工业地点,用手里的摄影机拍摄了很多废旧工厂和前军事建筑设施,拍摄了这组“被遗忘的遗产”摄影作品。

Matt Emmett 东欧废弃的文化遗产建筑

Photographer Matt Emmett has been taking pictures of hidden locations across northern europe for the last three years. His fascination in industrial remnants and ex-military installations has led him to ‘forgotten heritage‘, a series which captures abandoned spaces and places.. that he rediscovers..

Matt Emmett 东欧废弃的文化遗产建筑2

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Matt Emmett 东欧废弃的文化遗产建筑4

Matt Emmett 东欧废弃的文化遗产建筑5

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