Vlad Leto 抓拍秘密求婚摄影作品集

Vlad Leto 抓拍秘密求婚摄影作品集,来源纽约的摄影师Vlad Leto拍摄了一组纽约街头求婚的摄影作品,求婚是一个充满了感慨和喜悦的特殊日子,这样的时刻非常值得摄影师们去拍摄,下面看看Vlad Leto拍摄的求婚现场吧。

Vlad Leto 抓拍秘密求婚摄影作品集

You plan for weeks or even months. You've bought the ring, you've picked out the place and now you want a way to remember the flood of emotions that will come with that special moment. Who do you call but Vlad Leto, a 30-year-old photographer who's well-equipped for these types of shots. As of 2013, Vlad has successfully taken approximately 150 secret marriage proposals. In New York, he's specialized in proposal photography for the last four years. With his "paparazzi style" lens, he discreetly positions himself in a secret spot and then just waits patiently to click the shutter.

Vlad Leto 抓拍秘密求婚摄影作品集2

As he states on his website, "A marriage proposal is a special occasion filled with emotion and joy. A secret proposal photographer can capture your special moment for a lifetime. Prior to your proposal, we will discuss the setting and the atmosphere. At the appropriate time, I will follow you and take pictures discreetly while you get down on one knee, emphasizing her/his look of surprise. If desired, I can also come over and take pictures of both of you in the immediate aftermath."

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Leto charges $250 and up for each session, depending on how time-consuming or complicated it is. Here, he shares just some of the priceless moments caught between newly engaged couples.

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