Juha Arvid Helminen 隐形帝国摄影作品集

Juha Arvid Helminen 隐形帝国摄影作品集,来自芬兰的摄影师Juha Arvid Helminen拍摄于了一组有关于历史、社会、统治有关的摄影题材,命名为“The Invisible Empire”风格黑暗而压抑。

Juha Arvid Helminen 隐形帝国摄影作品集

“The Invisible Empire”作品深受06年亚欧会议芬兰警察作为的影响,意指军服者官官相护,凭借权力肆意妄为的恶行,颇具讽刺意味。服装设计的灵感来自于历史上实施暴行的、身穿军服的权威统治者。

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Juha Arvid Helminen 隐形帝国摄影作品集3

In 2006 I witnessed the so called Smash ASEM “riot”. There I personally saw the dark side of the Finnish police. How young men hidbehind their uniforms and hoods and anonymously committed misconduct.

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Later I witnessed the reluctance of the justice system to punish those in uniforms.Uniforms create unity and through them we can separate a soldier from a civilian.But sometimes we hide in them when we do something that is really bad.

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We wear clothes described by religion, profession, political thoughts and tradition to communicate and represent authority, where we belong and how we see the world. Often this hides our true persona and creates walls between ourselves and between the people that we meet.

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The characters in my works are the prisoners of these traditions and walls that we’ve created for ourselves. How close can we, the viewers,get to the characters that have so much of their personality taken away from?

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