Ali Jardine 用iPhone拍摄的儿童抽象摄影

之前我们报道过苹果公司发布的手机摄影作品欣赏【Shot on iPhone 6 】,大家可以感受到用iPhone手机拍摄的魅力,最佳有一位叫Ali Jardine的妈妈用iPhone手机给自己的女儿拍摄了一些超现实的照片,在Instagram上发布并收到了广泛的欢迎,目前拥有50多万的粉丝。

Ali Jardine 用iPhone拍摄的儿童抽象摄影

Stay-at-home mom Ali Jardine has amassed a huge following on Instagram, 511,000 followers, by consistently creating surreal photos on her iPhone. Originally a painter, Jardine found her true calling as an artist when she started playing with Instagram and all the other photo apps on her mobile device. Many of her pieces are a family affair, the beautiful silhouettes you'll often find in her photos are of her daughter or son, Pippin and Gabe. We caught up with Jardine to ask her some questions like what opportunities Instagram has brought her and what specific apps she uses to bring her photos to life.

Ali Jardine 用iPhone拍摄的儿童抽象摄影2

Are all of your photos on Instagram created using only an iPhone? Can you tell us which apps you use?

Ali Jardine 用iPhone拍摄的儿童抽象摄影3

Almost all of my photos are shot with an iPhone (I started with a 3G and now am using a 6) and every image is edited entirely on an iPhone. Juxtaposer, Tiny Planets, VSCO, Image Blender, Pro HDR, and Mextures are all favorite apps that I couldn't live without.

Ali Jardine 用iPhone拍摄的儿童抽象摄影4

Ali Jardine 用iPhone拍摄的儿童抽象摄影5

Ali Jardine 用iPhone拍摄的儿童抽象摄影6

Ali Jardine 用iPhone拍摄的儿童抽象摄影7

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