Cheetah Platt 环游世界83天见证爱情摄影集

旅行结婚的方式越来越受年轻人欢迎,Cheetah Platt 向自己的女友求婚后就计划了一个环游世界83天的旅游,在世界各地用一种特殊的方式来庆祝他们的婚姻,经过8个月的精心策划和研究,这对夫妻在12个不同的国家旅行,每个月的花销3000美元,下面看看他们是怎么计划这次甜蜜的旅行吧。

Cheetah Platt 环游世界83天见证爱情摄影集

After Cheetah Platt proposed to his girlfriend Rhiann Woodyard, the pair was having trouble picking a theme or idea for their wedding, so they decided to celebrate their marriage with multiple weddings around the world! Through eight months of careful planning and research, the couple managed to book flights to 12 different countries for less than $3,000 per person—a minuscule cost compared to the average wedding cost of $25,200 in the US. Add in the amazing experiences, photos, and memories that they were bound to collect on their travels, and it was a no-brainer for Cheetah and Rhiann to choose a worldwide wedding over a conventional ceremony in California.

Cheetah Platt 环游世界83天见证爱情摄影集2

On February 8, the couple left Los Angeles to embark on their three-month journey, with the goal of getting married 38 times over the course of 83 days. They carried only their backpacks, a camera, and a wedding dress and tuxedo that cost $100 each. Since the start of their wedding tour, they have been married in Thailand, Colombia, Morocco, Egypt, India, and several other countries.

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They both got ordained online, so they can marry themselves at each location in a ceremony that takes only a few minutes. Their experience is even more extraordinary because both husband and wife are professional acrobats, so many of their photos depict the two in wild, gravity-defying poses as they lock lips.

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After traveling to nearly all of the seven continents (Antarctica is out because it's too expensive to go there), Cheetah and Rhiann will return home, where they plan to hold a final wedding ceremony with their family and friends so they can be legally married in California. The couple are excited to show their photos to their loved ones, many of whom are keeping up with their whirlwind journey through social media and donating money through their registryto pay for travel experiences instead of traditional gifts like toasters or linens.

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"A lot of women spend a whole lot of time and stress and money on their one day, and then it's over," Rhiann toldBuzzFeed. "I love that I get to marry [Platt] over and over again. It's exciting that it's not just done in one day." Cheetah added, "It was exactly what I wanted, to travel the world with my wife and marry her again and again and again in so many different ways. That was perfect for me."

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