Joseph Szabo 青少年的困惑摄影集

Joseph Szabo 是美国的一位知名摄影师,出生于1944年,其作品记录了20世纪七八十年代美国青少年的青春而又充满困惑的真实状态,著名摄影师Cornell Capa评价他称,“他的作品年轻、锋利且尖锐,与他所拍摄的主题相符”。

Joseph Szabo 青少年的困惑摄影集

Almost Grown is a celebration of teen-age experience: the years of restless desire and blossoming sexuality; the world of high school, parking lots, and street corners; and the uniquely American culture in which all of us have grown up.

Joseph Szabo 青少年的困惑摄影集2

It is a record in photographs and poetry that combines the talents of an adult photographer and a group of almost-adult poets who were asked to tell a picture's story as their own. The result is an unusual collaboration between teacher and teenager, a funny and romantic look at teenagers looking at themselves.

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