Kindra Nikole 童话里的故事梦幻摄影集

梦幻般的意境摄影艺术需要丰富的创造力和想象力,Kindra Nikole 的摄影作品都是自己手工制作各种道具,想要把梦境搬到现实中去,就需要很多与众不同的东西,那么道具就显得很重要了,下面看看童话里的故事场景里有多少需要独立制作的道具吧。

Kindra Nikole 童话里的故事梦幻摄影集

Kindra Nikole's dreamlike imagery is rich with creativity and vision. The intricacies of the handmade wardrobe adorning her characters, shows her dedication to her craft, often using fresh foliage that needed to be assembled early the morning of the shoot. Created as a tribute to her late mother, you can see the love and care in each piece, transporting you into a fairytale world as a way to cope with the stress of life. We wanted to talk with Kindra about the creation of her images with a behind the lens look into "Dreamscapes."

Kindra Nikole 童话里的故事梦幻摄影集2

Tell us a bit about your journey into photography?

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Initially, I dabbled with black and white film photography my sophomore year of high school, where I developed my own images. I adored the darkroom process and how methodical it was. After high school, I was met with some very challenging personal times, as well as discouragement from a professional photographer I’d met, which pulled me away from photography and art in general for a good ten years.

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Looking back, I’m amazed that I allowed anyone to deal such a heavy blow to my own personal conviction about my art and the act of creating itself, but sometimes I think it’s the only way to truly find yourself artistically. One day, about three years ago, I bought myself a used Nikon D40 on a whim.

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It wasn’t until I began a daily 365 project, taking one photo a day for an entire year, that I really found my photographic voice. After that journey, I knew that I’d never be parted from my camera—it had become as essential to me as eating or sleeping.

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