Reuben Wu 是一位来自美国的摄影师、电影制片和音乐制作人,喜欢拍摄意境方面的作品,通过愿望、探索新的地方,探知未来的领域来开拓人们的视觉。

Reuben Wu 意境摄影作品集

I am a photographer, film-maker and music producer.I'm also co-founder of the band Ladytron.In my visual work, I am driven not just by the urge to create imagery,but by a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory,constantly open to serendipity and with an eye for the unnoticed and the hidden.

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Photographs, like music, can create an echo of a time and a place.To me, my images are more than pictures. They are fragments of memory and imagination.

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