Nicholas 与自然风景融合的梦境摄影

Nicholas Scarpinato 是一位擅长于把自然风景与概念化摄影融为一体的青年摄影师,他的摄影作品多为描述一个人物的故事,并于自然环境融为一体。

Nicholas 与自然风景融合的梦境摄影

Photographer Nicholas Scarpinato has the incredible ability to make his work appear as if it’s part of a dreamscape. We first featured the young creative a few years ago, and since that time he’s developed his talents with more conceptually intriguing scenes that are bathed in gorgeous, vintage-tinted colors.

Nicholas 与自然风景融合的梦境摄影2

Scarpinato’s photos often portray the story of one central character. Their relationship to the environment, specifically nature, always seems to be questioned or in flux. Some look as though they’re trying to escape their situation and want to disappear. Others embrace the landscape and explore it down fast-moving streams, through abandoned houses, and disguising themselves as someone else. With just a single photo, Scarpinato creates mysteries that leave us wanting to know more.

Nicholas 与自然风景融合的梦境摄影3

The photographer has attended Virginia Commonwealth University over the past years and studied film making. His short experiments, documentaries, other moving images feature the same fascinating style that originally caught our eye. Check out one of them below.

Nicholas 与自然风景融合的梦境摄影4

Nicholas 与自然风景融合的梦境摄影5

Nicholas 与自然风景融合的梦境摄影6

Nicholas 与自然风景融合的梦境摄影7