NYC Dance 纽约舞蹈艺术摄影集

NYC Dance Project 是一个由Ken Browar 和 Deborah Ory 创办的纽约舞蹈艺术摄影项目,用以展示舞蹈和舞者的世界,该团队位于美国纽约市,由于其热爱舞蹈,于是拿起手中的相机拍摄舞者们的精彩瞬间,展示舞者的独特魅力。

NYC Dance 纽约舞蹈艺术摄影集

NYC Dance Project was created by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory, who live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (with two teenage ballet students). We have created this site to showcase the world of dance and dancers, based in New York City. Ken’s passion for dance began when he lived in Paris and photographed dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet. His fashion work has appeared in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and many other European fashion magazines.

NYC Dance 纽约舞蹈艺术摄影集2

Deborah has been a dancer since age 7, and her passion for this art is evident in her photography. She began her photography career while injured as a dancer; photographing the rehearsals she could not be in due to her injury. After moving to New York City, working as a photo editor at magazines such as House & Garden, Mirabella and others, she began shooting editorial work for Self, Health, Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple.

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NYC Dance 纽约舞蹈艺术摄影集4

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