Romo Jack 色彩斑斓的神奇之手

来自印尼的创意设计师Romo Jack通过独特的手法来表达生活中的万物,他的每一幅作品都有一双神奇的手在点缀,里面有各种活动、绘图、纹身、鲜花等等,这些充满了鲜艳色彩的图像组合成了一个活鲜的生命场景。Jack说这组系列挑战的不是对象排列而是找到令人兴奋的方式来表达视觉上的想法。

Romo Jack 色彩斑斓的神奇之手

Indonesia-based creative Romo Jack has a unique way of capturing the myriad of things he does with his hands. For a project called #whatmyhandsdoing, he photographs himself engaging in various activities—drawing, ironing, and even tattooing—that are all shot from an aerial point of view. The images are full of vibrant colors and beautiful arrangements, making the fantastic compositions a fun and intriguing look into his life.

Romo Jack 色彩斑斓的神奇之手2

The idea for Jack’s project came from his active lifestyle. “Just like how my eyes are always seeing from the time I wake up from bed to the time I fall back asleep, my hands are also doing something every second,” he tells theInstagram blog. “There might be thousands, even millions of things our hands have got to do.”

Romo Jack 色彩斑斓的神奇之手3

For Jack, the challenge of the series isn’t the arranging of objects, but finding exciting ways to visually communicate his ideas. He’ll often look for secondhand items as inspiration. “I believe they can be recreated into something more valuable, and the important thing is to collect them first,” he explains to Instagram.

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Considering how detailed and thoughtful these images are, it’s surprising to learn that Jack doesn’t devote a long time to planning them. “I found out that you don’t need to spend too much time just imagining about a concept, which might lead you to do nothing in the end. The more important thing is to take a look around us and just do it!”

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