Navid Baraty 600英尺上空的都市摄影集

Navid Baraty 的作品应该不算陌生了,之前我们报道过他的几个不错的摄影作品,这次带来的是从1095层高的摩天大楼上拍摄的作品,就像是电影里的《盗梦空间》,当你从630英尺的高度向下看的时候是什么感觉呢?

Navid Baraty 600英尺上空的都市摄影集

Photographer Navid Baraty is back again and this time, he has captured a rooftop image that looks like it was taken straight out of the movie Inception. From atop the 1095 Avenue of Americas skyscraper, Baraty was able to photograph an aerial view of 42nd street in all its glory. Looking down from a height of 630 feet, you can see each and every floor below. As for the taxis and other vehicles on the road – they look just like toy cars.

Navid Baraty 600英尺上空的都市摄影集2

In order to capture the image, the photographer used only his Nikon D800 and wrapped the camera strap around his wrist several times—no selfie stick or tripod in sight. On Instagram, Baraty appropriately captioned his phenomenal snapshot, "Welcome to the Matrix."

Navid Baraty 600英尺上空的都市摄影集3

While in New York City, the artist photographed many other extraordinary images featuring a bird's-eye view of Manhattan. Make sure to check them out below.

Navid Baraty 600英尺上空的都市摄影集4

Navid Baraty 600英尺上空的都市摄影集5