Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影

来自乌克兰基辅的摄影师 Anna Remarchuk 在Instagram 网站上发起了一个名为“envelope series”的摄影组合,展示她用老旧的信封搭配各式各样的花卉而拍摄出来的照片,她仔细的考虑花卉与信封的颜色,搭配出最佳的组合,然后用手机拍照分享出来。

Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影

Kiev-based photographer Anna Remarchuk (aka @annaremarchuk) creates colorful compositions using beautiful blooms tucked inside of envelopes. Remarchuk developed this project after finding a bunch of old envelopes that belonged to her great-grandfather, as well as receiving snowdrop flowers in the mail. “At the table there were those envelopes. I saw them together and decided to make a photo,” she told the Instagram blog. This visual connection was the start of her aptly-titled #envelope_series.

Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影2

The Instagram-based project features a variety of flowers, delicately arranged to appear as though they’re budding from their packages. To begin her aesthetically-pleasing compositions, Remarchuk buys the flowers or gets them as gifts.

Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影3

She carefully considers the colors of the blooms and the envelopes’ paper, making the perfect combinations and then capturing the photo on her phone. These photos, though left open to interpretation, seem to encapsulate the moment a thoughtful, splendid gift is about to be given or received, in any given situation. Ultimately, Remarchuk hopes her pairings speak to her viewers, telling Instagram, “I want my followers to be able to understand my flowers’ message without any words.”

Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影4

Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影5

Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影6

Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影7

Anna Remarchuk:信封里的花卉艺术摄影