Rikka Ayasaki抽象奇幻绘画作品集

Rikka Ayasaki抽象奇幻绘画作品集1

Rikka Ayasaki抽象奇幻绘画作品集,日本女画家,现居巴黎,作品多以抽象奇幻的笔法描绘天空、色彩浓烈丰富。

Rikka Ayasaki抽象奇幻绘画作品集2

Rikka AYASAKI has been awarded an HONORABLE MENTION at the “Miami Award 2013” exhibition held at the Museum of the Americas, Miami.

Rikka Ayasaki抽象奇幻绘画作品集3

 During the Salon d'Automne 2012 held in October in Paris, she received a “Painting Award”. The same month, she had been awarded an “Honorary Certificate of the Highest Quality” by the International Jury at the VIII International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2012.

Rikka Ayasaki抽象奇幻绘画作品集4

Rikka Ayasaki抽象奇幻绘画作品集5