Ed Fairburn地图肖像艺术作品集

Ed Fairburn地图肖像艺术作品集1

Ed Fairburn地图肖像艺术作品集是由Ed Fairburn通过人物肖像和世界各国地图融合在其创作出来的艺术作品,他把人物的肖像隐藏在地图里面,形成了独特的艺术作品。

Ed Fairburn地图肖像艺术作品集2

Illustration graduate whose work is mostly figurative. I paint, draw and construct using a flexible range of tangible media across a wide range of surfaces and contexts, allowing my practice to exist across various disciplines. The work I produce is largely self-directed, allowing me to explore a wealth of ideas and concepts which need to be realised.

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Ed Fairburn地图肖像艺术作品集4