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MadeULookbylex 化妆艺术作品集,是一位20岁的美容化妆师,自学成才,喜欢把自己化装成各种流行人物造型,通过自己的丰富想象力把自己的化妆造型真的是微妙微翘。

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This is my first time on Deviant Art, eek! Well, I guess that is kind of obvious since I am making my account right now. Anyways... Photos cannot be taken or used without permission. Alexys Fleming © I am a 20 year old licensed Cosmetologist, self-taught Makeup Artist, licensed Esthetician, Type 1 Diabetic, and Optimist. I stand for anti-bullying, awareness, creativity, and self expression.

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Makeup is more than just a perception of beauty, it is used to make people feel confident, or make them into a completely new character. You can be whatever you put your mind to in the world of art, but most importantly, always be yourself. Unless you can be something with a super power. Always take the super powers.

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