Heeseop Yoon 内饰绘画艺术作品集

Heeseop Yoon 内饰绘画艺术作品集1

Heeseop Yoon 内饰绘画艺术作品集,Heeseop Yoon是墙体绘画艺术,作者在地下室、车库等场所的墙体上绘制了错综复杂的图案,里面涵盖了很多的艺术线条在里面,每一位读者的视觉感受都是不一样的。

Heeseop Yoon 内饰绘画艺术作品集2

My work deals with memory and perception within cluttered spaces. I begin by photographing interiors such as basements, workshops, and storage spaces, places where everything is jumbled and time becomes ambiguous without the presence of people.

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From these photographs I construct a view and then I draw freehand without erasing. As I correct "mistakes" the work results in double or multiple lines, which reflect how my perception has changed over time and makes me question my initial perception. Paradoxically, greater concentration and more lines make the drawn objects less clear. The more I see, the less I believe in the accuracy or reality of the images I draw.

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