Lente Scura 现实与梦想绘画艺术作品集

Lente Scura 现实与梦想绘画艺术作品集

Lente Scura 现实与梦想绘画艺术作品集,Lente Scura是一位擅长于创作情感艺术的艺术家,他的作品充满了戏剧性的悲哀、寂寞,内心不断挣扎的艺术效果,在混乱的现实与梦想中徘徊。

Lente Scura 现实与梦想绘画艺术作品集1

Artist Lente Scura takes us on an emotional journey through her visually striking digital compositions. Filled with dramatic anguish, each female appears to be struggling with a sad, lonely heart. As the human forms melt away into a confusing blur of reality and dreams, there is a haunting presence of imminent death within the life of each figure.

Lente Scura 现实与梦想绘画艺术作品集2

The portraits are composed of original photographs that have been digitally manipulated and altered to show the desolate women struggling to survive in a sea of sorrow. To convey her emotional message, Scura focuses less on the details and more on the energy that emanates from the canvas. With titles like Where Nightmares Bleed, The Forest of My Darkness, and Turn to Dust, Scura invites her viewers to reflect on the intense suffering and emptiness surrounding each delicate form.

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