Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集

Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集1

Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集,是由韩国艺术家Jeong Woo Jae 创作的一组作品集,精湛的手法可能会被人认为是照片,生动的色彩搭配合理的光线描述了宠物与人之间的有意和感情。

Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集2

Korean artist Jeong Woo Jae paints with such realistic details that, upon quick glance, these oil paintings could be mistaken for photographs. However, the painterly qualities quickly reveal themselves in the form of clean brushstrokes, incredibly vivid color and light, and a disproportionately gigantic dog.

Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集3

The Girl and Her Dog is the artist's exploration of the bond between human and animal. He develops each background based off of realistic, yet nondescript, locations, in order to keep the focus on the young girl and her giant dog. As the pair experience everyday moments sitting in the grass or riding on a bus, they seem to provide each other with emotional support that fulfills an innate desire for companionship.

Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集4

The artist says, "Although outwardly the relationship between pet and owner is one of human superiority, each animal provides its owner with a source of comfort, meeting the basic human need for friendship and affection."

Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集5

Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集6

Jeong Woo Jae 女孩与狗油画艺术作品集7

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