Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集

Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集1

Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集,Ariel DeAndrea 是一位多才多艺的画家,他的作品通过个人的臆想来表达梦境中的灵感,他把写实绘画和超现实主义风格完美的集合在一起。

Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集2

Ariel DeAndrea in Dreams Of Flight. An accomplished painter and installation artist, DeAndrea’s works are expressive dreamscapes developed through a personal iconography. Her paintings combine technical elements of hyperrealism with a surrealistic stylization that is distinctly her own.

Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集3

Looking to the crane as a symbol of hope and salvation, the artist creates hyperreal paintings of these delicate origami birds. The imagery is at once intensely poetic and strategically understated. Often staged in atmospherically shifting water, the paper talismans are refracted through light and subtle reflection.

Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集4

A shimmering blur of organic patterns and prismatic shifts, the serene paintings are quietly exquisite in their detail and execution. The sense of meditative calm conveyed by the work, contributes to its measured and deliberate impression of the surreal. The images are hauntingly poignant as a result; like silent suspended excerpts from a revelatory dream.

Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集5

As a recurring symbol for the artist, the crane is frequently shown with figurative subjects or self-portraits, and is staged alongside the crocodile as its repeated symbolic counterpart for fear and atrophy.

Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集6

Drawing from the proverbial divisions of good and bad, and light and dark - binaries essential to the symbolic function of fable - the artist uses her work to polarize experiences of hope and fearfulness, salvation and damnation, bringing deeply emotive subject matter to life. Intensely personal, the works are like psychological portraits of human conflict.

Ariel DeAndrea 梦境优化艺术作品集7

Looking to the uncomfortable proximity of hope and phobia, and our constant negotiation of their coexistence, DeAndrea’s works are powerfully simple and stirring. Like the indelible visuals left by dreams, the imagery in her work is intimate, surreal, and beautifully vulnerable.