Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集

Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集1

Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集,Ed Fairburn是一位数字化艺术家,他创作了一组通过地图来描述人物肖像的作品,通过地图上密密麻麻的街道线条,通过精心的剪裁和绘制而成。

Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集2

Artist Ed Fairburn continues to push his creative limits with these new map portraits. In the piece shown above, a Bristol street map has been carefully cut and drawn on, revealing the side of a woman's face. The map can turn into an envelope, which results in a combination of the map works Fairburn usually produces and a project he had previously worked on that involved postal art.

Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集3

In another new work, Fairburn marries two previous techniques, as well. "With contoured maps I usually use a pencil to follow lines of elevation, altering the grade and pressure to change the tones," he tells us. "With "Innsbruck" (below), I've instead highlighted the contours in ink, altering the thickness of each line to show the figure."

Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集4

Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集5

Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集6

Ed Fairburn 基于地图的人物肖像艺术作品集7

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