Oakoak 街头艺术涂鸦作品集

Oakoak 街头艺术涂鸦作品集,Oakoak 是法国的一位街头艺术家,喜欢创作带有现代喜剧艺术感的涂鸦做,经常把大街小巷中的自然景观改造成富有幽默感的涂鸦作品。

Oakoak 街头艺术涂鸦作品集1

When you want to look at street art that has a whimsical twist, check out this blog by Oakoak. The French street artist is a modern day comedian, painting funny and oftentimes familiar faces all over the streets. One of his best works takes an ignored object like a hand rail and turns it into something sweet like Calvin and Hobbes’ own little wagon ramp.

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