Ferdi Rizkiyanto 蜡烛雕刻艺术作品集

Ferdi Rizkiyanto 蜡烛雕刻艺术作品集,Ferdi Rizkiyanto是印度尼西亚的一位艺术家,也是一位自由职业者擅长于美术指导和广告、数码影像制作,他的这组采用蜡烛为原料的作品,咋一看就是简单的蜡烛融化后的产物,仔细检查你会发现内有乾坤呀!

Ferdi Rizkiyanto 蜡烛雕刻艺术作品集1

At first glance, this amazing piece seems like a simple candle with a burning wick and slowly melting wax dripping down the sides. However, upon closer inspection, an incredible little scene reveals itself in the form of digital art.

Ferdi Rizkiyanto 蜡烛雕刻艺术作品集2

Created by Indonesia-based artist Ferdi Rizkiyanto, Uncharted features the journey of a group of people as they climb the sides of the luminous tower of hot liquid. With cameras on their shoulders, the explorers fearlessly venture into new territory in search of discovery.

Ferdi Rizkiyanto 蜡烛雕刻艺术作品集3

Rizkiyanto achieves insane texture and detail in the digital creation, and the realistic wax has been shaped into an exciting narrative. As viewers inspect the scene, they may find themselves consumed by the story of exploration and adventure.

Ferdi Rizkiyanto 蜡烛雕刻艺术作品集4