Alex Senna 爱情街头涂鸦作品集

Alex Senna 爱情街头涂鸦作品集,Alex Senna是圣保罗的一位截图艺术家,他的这组涂鸦作为主题为Locked lips 《亲吻》,超有爱的街头涂鸦,把浪漫的气息带给这个城市。

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Locked lips, a warm embrace and an ever present heart that symbolizes love. São Paulo-based artist Alex Senna beautifies city walls with his warm and endearing street art. This year, as part of Art Basel week in Miami Beach, in the Wyndwood area, Senna painted several new murals in his signature black and white style. Presented here is a collection of his work over the years.

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From his website, "Alex Senna brings us to a nostalgic atmosphere when using moments and characters that sounds familiar like a friend, a moment, a romance or an emotion.The incomparable traces of his work in black and white allow a little more love to come inside of our daily obligations, a universal need these days."

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