Karen Woods 雨天油画艺术作品集

Karen Woods 雨天油画艺术作品集,Karen Woods是一位油画艺术家,他创作了一组雨天中的情景作品,让你感受油画艺术的美丽,城市、雨天、人物完美的融为一体。

Karen Woods 雨天油画艺术作品集1

On a rainy afternoon, artist Karen Woods observes large raindrops as they transform windshields and window panes into beautiful formations. She then converts those meditative moments into mesmerizing oil paintings that capture the tranquility of a quiet, stormy day.

Karen Woods 雨天油画艺术作品集2

In her paintings, Woods turns everyday urban scenes into impressive moments filled with captivating distortions. She pays close attention to details, providing her viewers with an opportunity to really feel the mood of different types of weather, from windy days where water streaks across the glass to leftover drops that remain still after a storm. Through lights and shadows, the artist captures amazing, hyperrealistic depth, and, while looking at the paintings, viewers can almost hear the pitter-patter of rainfall on glass.

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