Jill Meagher 一万个星星的祈福艺术展

Jill Meagher  一万个星星的祈福艺术展,1 Million Stars是一个用于汇集人们祝福的创意项目,由澳大利亚艺术家Jill Meagher 发起,灵感来自于马丁·路德·金名言,旨在结束社会中的暴力事件。

Jill Meagher  一万个星星的祈福艺术展1

1 Million Stars to End Violence is an installation by Maryann Talia Pau on display at the Big Design Market in Melbourne, Australia. In September 2012, the Melbourne community was strongly shaken by the rape and murder of local Brunswick woman, Jill Meagher. What started as a personal response by local artist Maryann Talia Pau has evolved into a community-wide weaving project that uses the 8-point star as a symbol of compassion and courage to end all forms of violence.

Jill Meagher  一万个星星的祈福艺术展2

Maryann was inspired to weave the stars by the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote, "Returning hate for hate only multiplies hate, adding more darkness to a night already void of stars. Darkness cannot put out darkness, only light and love can do that." The stars represent light, hope, and courage in recognition of the fact that violence continues to affect communities everywhere.

Jill Meagher  一万个星星的祈福艺术展3

Since the project began, Maryann has received at least 10,000 stars woven from communities across Melbourne, Alice Springs, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Europe and the Pacific Islands. She is still working towards the goal of one million stars and is in the process of beginning a second installation.

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