Simon Menner 与自然环境浑然天成的狙击手

Simon Menner 与自然环境浑然天成的狙击手,Simon Menner 是一名艺术家,他最近花费了大量的时间来研究德国陆军狙击手的隐匿照片,在一个很自然的环境里你是否能够发现有狙击手的存在呢?

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手1


Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手2

狙击手(Sniper)原指从隐蔽工事射击的人,现在人们常常把经过特殊训练,掌握精确射击、伪装和侦察技能的射手称为狙击手。狙击手已经成为特种作战行动中不可或缺的重要角色。狙击手常常是特种战斗行动决定性的关键因素,甚至,一名出色狙击手的行动本身,就可能是一次特种作战的全部。越战时,平均每杀死一名士兵需要20发子弹,而一名狙击手却平均只需1.3发。 他们的眼神深邃,步伐坚定沉稳,通常一弹杀一人。如果失手可能就是射手一生中最后一枪。如果没有老练的射手扣动扳机,再好的枪也没用。

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手3

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手4


Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手5

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手6

An artist by the name of Simon Menner was recently given the opportunity to spend time with the German Army. In particular, two German Army snipers. Perhaps the most important aspect of being a sniper is to conceal yourself and blend into the surroundings. In the following photos, they did that… very, very well.

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手7

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手8

In fact, even when they’re pointed out, it’s still difficult to see them. That’s how good they are at becoming one with nature to effectively position themselves.

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手9

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手10

As brilliant as Simon’s artistic work is, it’s somewhat haunting to realize the inability to spot a sniper has cost millions their lives over the years. To go through these photos for entertainment is one thing, but to face it in reality is nearly unimaginable.

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手11

Simon Menner 与自然环境焕然天成的狙击手12