Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型,是由一位俄罗斯艺术家Jim Denevan在2010年创作,从高空中观看的话,有点外星人造访过这里一样,巨大的螺旋造型占了贝加尔湖九平方公里的区域。

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型1

Looking at these crazy pictures, you’d think aliens had landed on the North Pole to create “ice circles,” but obviously that isn’t the case. These incredibly huge spirals were created by artist Jim Denevan and his crew who in 2010 created a large scale artwork on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia.

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型2

In a quest to create the world’s largest work of art, Jim and his team drew these beautiful patterns by carving into the fresh snow on the frozen lake, using the white of the snow to contrast with the dark ice. Incredibly the whole thing ended up spanning an area of nine square miles. The photos say it all.

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型3

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型4

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型5

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型6

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型7

Jim Denevan 西伯利亚“冰圈”大型艺术造型8