Joe Hill 逼真的街头3D立体画艺术,Joe Hill是一位三维立体艺术家,擅长于在街头和闹市区的地面上创作逼真的3D立体画,最长的一个作品是在伦敦街头创作的有33英尺,巨大的立体画掩面300英里长,700英尺高。

Joe Hill 逼真的街头3D立体画艺术1

For fans of the hit HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, an awesome new 3D street painting was recently created in London. The giant piece measured 33ft by 25ft and it depicted The Wall, the colossal fortification which stretches for 300 miles along and is 700 feet tall in the series, defending the realm from the ominous White Walkers. Protected by members of the Night's Watch, it has been the setting of some highly dramatic scenes.

Joe Hill 逼真的街头3D立体画艺术2

Joe Hill, founder of 3D Joe and Max, was commissioned by HBO to create a large scale 3D work that would be just as impressive as the show itself. It was the first 3D artwork ever created that worked from more than one angle. Fans had just one day to interact with the work, or scale the wall acting like members of the Night's Watch. You can see more fun pictures of it atThe Daily Mail.

Joe Hill 逼真的街头3D立体画艺术3

The impressive painting, located in London's Bishop's Square, was made to mark the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the third series. In the UK, the fourth series premieres on April 7.

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Joe Hill 逼真的街头3D立体画艺术-星球大战