Dosshaus 复古风格纸质家居艺术

Dosshaus 复古风格纸质家居艺术,Dosshaus是一位比较特殊的艺术家,他采用纸质材料制作了一套复古式的室内家居环境,出来真实的人物以外,其他你所看到的一切都是纸做的,包括桌子、相机、穿戴等物品。

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How would you like to live in a house made entirely out of cardboard? Following that train of thought, Zoey Taylor and David Connelly of the artist collective Dosshaus created House of Cardboard, a series of photos showcasing the interior of a retro-style home constructed out of the humble material .

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Besides the model, Taylor, everything you see in the images—from the furniture and her outfit to more intricate pieces like a violin and a record player—was hand-crafted completely out of cardboard, paint, and glue. Looking closer at objects like the camera and the typewriter, you can't help but marvel at the immense amount of creativity and care it took to craft each item. Featuring an amazing amount of details and an intriguing mix of realism and cartoon-like style, House of Cardboard looks like a series of images taken straight from some wacky, alternate realm of the '50s.

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According to their website, the artist duo first met in late 2010, and, "immediately recognizing in each other a kindred artistic spirit," formed Dosshaus in October 2011. Taylor creates each incredible cardboard piece, while Connelly is the photographer of the pair. Their collective work is both quirky and imaginative, resulting in playful works of art like this one.

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