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Sparksfly Design 水果雕刻艺术作品集,Clive Cooper是温哥华的一位艺术家,他所擅长的是使用南瓜和西瓜来雕刻各种造型的艺术作品,在他的生活中,他一直喜欢尝试各种各样的艺术探索,虽然他没有接受过正式的相关教育,但是这并不能阻挡他的艺术创作。

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Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed exploring art in its various forms. Although I’ve had no formal training, this hasn’t stopped me from trying various mediums, such as watercolours, pen & ink, lino boards, digital art, furniture design, cartooning and, lately, pumpkin and watermelon carving.

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In 1996 my employer ran a charity pumpkin carving contest and I decided to enter and present an unusual, novelty pumpkin. My pumpkin won the contest and received a lot of positive attention . . . and it was then that the “spark was lit”. Encouraged by this, I have continued to submit a pumpkin at work each and every Halloween since. I’m happy to report that over $3,000 has been donated to charities as a result of my auctioned pumpkins (as of 2012). Hopefully, I can increase that this year and in the years to come.

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