Rob the Original 头发上的造型艺术集


Rob the Original 头发上的造型艺术集1

Some innovative artists use things like feathers as their canvas, while others might paint on small pieces of candy. But for Rob the Original, it’s the scalp. The San Antonio, Texas-based master barber creates incredible artwork on his clients’ heads in ways that you’ve probably never seen before. He cuts, shaves, and colors hair into celebrity portraits, video game characters, and superheroes making them instantly recognizable.

Rob the Original 头发上的造型艺术集2

Rob begins by defining the boldest features of each subject and later uses vibrant pigment pencils to enhance the details. He’s recently completed portraits of famous World Cup soccer players, Edward Scissorhands, and the loveable Yoshi. It seems like there’s no limit to his creativity; he can reproduce whatever his clients have in mind.

Rob the Original 头发上的造型艺术集3

With skills like these, it’s no surprise that Rob has a background in drawing. He says that as an aspiring artist he never imagined himself as a barber, but once his two interests were combined a new passion was born.

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