GerryBarry 爱尔兰乡村的大地艺术

GerryBarry 爱尔兰乡村的大地艺术,艺术家格里用自然界的固有的景观搭配自己人为制作的设施来增强爱尔兰乡村的美丽,格里采用有机材料如石头、灯心草、树枝、羽毛等来与周围的环境融为一体。

GerryBarry 爱尔兰乡村的大地艺术

Artist Gerry Barry uses objects found in nature to create spectacular installations that enhance the beauty of the Irish countryside. Growing up surrounded by the bountiful mountains, lakes, and sea in Kerry, the artist was inspired to pursue a form of art that would allow him to interact with the rich landscape.

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Working in the tradition of land art, Barry uses organic materials like stones, rushes, branches, feathers, and bodies of water to construct pieces that complement the natural scenery of Western Ireland. With a heavy focus on symmetry, curves, and circles, the precisely arranged installations both stand out from and work in perfect harmony with the poetic landscape. At the mercy of the elements, the land art may be destroyed and reclaimed by nature at any time, adding a fleeting sense of ephemeral beauty to the mediative work.

GerryBarry 爱尔兰乡村的大地艺术2

According to Barry, the creation process ranges from deliberately executing a planned vision to discovering objects or sites that naturally lead to a new piece. He says, "I can spend hours looking for particular stone shapes, sizes, colours, so I suppose in that sense each time is a journey of seeking, looking and finding to create something that may last an hour, a day, or until nature makes its own mark on that work and it is lost."

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