Shannon Holt 动物与人体彩绘艺术

Shannon Holt 动物与人体彩绘艺术,Shannon Holt是一位来自美国艺术家,她通过彩绘手法把人变成美丽而优雅的动物绘画,当你听到一首引起你共鸣的歌曲的时候,你会想到把他保存下来留作几年,人体彩绘也一样,这也许是最接近艺术形态的存在。

Shannon Holt 动物与人体彩绘艺术


Shannon Holt 动物与人体彩绘艺术2

Most people use makeup to be seen, but U.S. artist Shannon Holt takes this idea in a different direction, using paint to turn people into canvases for her beautiful and elegant animal paintings.

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“You hear a song once live — you have that one beautiful experience and then you have the remembrance of it with a recording,” Holt told the Daytone Beach News-Journal, describing the transience of her paintings.

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“Body painting is the same. It’s probably the closest art form to music there is.“Holt has a diverse artistic background, having painted on everything from canvas and paper to wood and metal. She says it was this search for different surfaces to work with that led her to try painting on skin for the first time.For some similar works by other amazing body artists, check out our animal body art post!

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