JoelRea 风暴绘画超现实艺术集

JoelRea 风暴绘画超现实艺术集,乔尔是一位出色的绘画艺术家,他人为人就是天生与自然对抗的,他的每一幅作品都展示了人与自然的抗争,人们都想知道谁在这个世界上最终能够获得控制权。

JoelRea 风暴绘画超现实艺术集

Is man battling nature or himself? In these fascinating new paintings by artist Joel Rea, we see man and a tiger going one-on-one with the fury of nature. Using oil on canvas, Rea makes his paintings come alive by showing waves furiously crashing and rocks shockingly crumbling.

JoelRea 风暴绘画超现实艺术集2

One has to wonder who has ultimate control in this world. In Resolution, above, we see a man holding a briefcase in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, while a giant wave is about to crash upon him. Solemn or scary? Are you at peace with this painting or does it make you quiver inside? Like any great art, that's up to you to decide.

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