Mahmoud Jouini 微观3D抽象艺术集

Mahmoud Jouini 微观3D抽象艺术集,3D艺术很多人都比较熟悉了,尤其是3D打印技术,来自利比亚的马哈茂德采用数字软件来渲染,立体抽象绘画,让微型的世界更加丰富多彩,所用的软件有3DS MAX2104和Photoshop CC。

Mahmoud Jouini 微观3D抽象艺术集

Libya-based creative Mahmoud Jouini uses digital software to render colorful, three-dimensional abstract paintings that look like miniature worlds. Although the images look like snapshots of elaborate, sprawling dioramas that were physically constructed, each piece was actually created entirely on a computer with the help of programs like 3DS MAX2014 and Photoshop CC.

Mahmoud Jouini 微观3D抽象艺术集2

Minuscule, column-like shapes form the basis of each rendering. Varying drastically in height, individual pillars are clustered together to build flowing terrain saturated with vibrant hues like hot pink, aqua, and poppy red. Some structures appear like tiny islands or alien landscapes, while others evoke images of a hyper-metropolitan city with soaring skyscrapers.

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