Alessandro Diddi 跃然纸上的3D绘画艺术

Alessandro Diddi 跃然纸上的3D绘画艺术,Alessandro Diddi是来自意大利艺术家,善于使用手里的画笔来绘制足以混淆人们视觉的作品,他采用灯光、阴影和透视的方式来绘制2D草图来转换成3D效果,下面一起感受一下吧。

Alessandro Diddi 跃然纸上的3D绘画艺术

Italian artist Alessandro Diddi uses his creative talents to draw mind-bending illusions. The playful anamorphic works trick our eye into thinking that his pencil renderings have come to life. A firm handshake, a bird spreading its wings, and a fire-breathing dragon all pop-off the pages of Diddi’s fantastic illustrations.

Alessandro Diddi 跃然纸上的3D绘画艺术2

The artist plays with light, shading, and perspective to make these 2D sketches become 3D characters. He'll also strategically fold or combine separate sheets of paper to construct the illusions. This requires him to carefully plan out how the two pages will intersect so that they seamlessly blend into one cohesive image. Sometimes, Diddi even interacts with his works to further the idea that they’ve got a mind of their own. The results are delightful and highlight the fun to be had with drawing.

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