Adam Tran 恐龙折纸模型艺术集

Adam Tran 恐龙折纸模型艺术集,来自越南的艺术家Adam Tran在越南全国折纸展览上展示了自己的恐龙折纸作品,他采用美纹纸进行负责的褶皱叠法打造出一只只活灵活现的恐龙模型,恐龙锋利的爪子,多刺的骨骼、锯齿状的牙齿一一呈现,非常逼真。

Adam Tran 恐龙折纸模型艺术集

Adam Tran’s exquisite origami models of prehistoric creatures look just like realistic models from museum exhibits. The artist uses textured paper and intricate folds to create leathery figures of dinosaurs, insects and entire skeletons frozen in poses of convincing motion. He achieves shapes that seem impossible given the material. With his touch, pieces of paper transform into jagged teeth, spiny bones and sharp claws.

Adam Tran 恐龙折纸模型艺术集2

The Vietnam-based artist creates many of the models for nationwide origami exhibitions designed to preserve Vietnamese traditions and to raise awareness about the art of origami’s rich history.

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Adam Tran 恐龙折纸模型艺术集4

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Adam Tran 恐龙折纸模型艺术集