Patrick Kramer 超真实的静物油画作品集

来自于美国犹他州的33岁油画艺术家Patrick Kramer 擅长于创作日常生活中的静物,每一幅作品都是经过武术的时间精心创作而成,把真实的物品与创作的内容完美的融合在一起,你是否能够发现其中的不同呢?

Patrick Kramer 超真实的静物油画作品集

We have an exciting new addition to our online art store My Modern Shop! Artist Patrick Kramer creates hyperrealistic paintings of everyday life, from flowers and landscapes to women floating in mid-air. The 33-year-old Utah-based artist spends countless hours meticulously painting each of his pieces. In fact, his works are so realistic you might be fooled into thinking you're looking at a photograph.

Patrick Kramer 超真实的静物油画作品集2

We'll be selling eight of his works on My Modern Shop featuring three main subjects - fish, paint brushes and cameras.

Patrick Kramer 超真实的静物油画作品集3

In one of our favorite pieces, called Existential Confrontation, a goldfish swimming in a glass bowl comes face to face with his cracker counterpart. This playful work is just one of many lighthearted works by the artist. Make sure to visit his website to see more of his stunning pieces or visit My Modern Shop to pick one up as either a canvas or a print.

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Patrick Kramer 超真实的静物油画作品集5

Patrick Kramer 超真实的静物油画作品集6

Patrick Kramer 超真实的静物油画作品集7