Maude White 描述梦境的剪纸艺术作品集

来自于美国纽约的剪纸艺术家 Maude White是一位擅长于通过丰富的想象力来创作动物和充满想象力的场景剪纸作品,Maude White 说她还是个孩子的时候就在寻找那种隐藏在梦境中的场景,于是她把自己的梦境通过剪纸的方式来描述出来。

Maude White 描述梦境的剪纸艺术作品集

Maude White snips away tiny bits of paper to reveal incredibly intricate scenes. The artist, based in Buffalo, New York, brings imaginative animals and fanciful panoramas to life with her lacy, hand-cut designs. She calls her technique “paper carving.” Most of her creations are cut from plain white paper in crisp simplicity, but she also crafted a handful of projects from faded road maps. From her lacy delicate pages, birds spread their wings, elephants dance, and dragons rear to life.

Maude White 描述梦境的剪纸艺术作品集2

White says that since she was a child, she has been looking for hidden beauty in unexpected places. “I was always looking underneath objects, or through them,” she says on her website. “I have always believed that if you look hard enough, you will see something precious and new, or, perhaps, something incredibly ancient and sacred.

Maude White 描述梦境的剪纸艺术作品集3

” White found that the perfect medium for conveying these hidden messages is through creating with paper. “I feel that there are very few things in the world as reliable and constant as paper,” she says. “Paper is everywhere, and it has been telling stories for centuries.”

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